Join me on my journey to financial independence and a happier life...

My story

My name is Mr Millionaire Marathon and I’m an ordinary guy in my early 30s. What’s not ordinary about me is my attitude to money.

Before my 30th birthday I’d accumulated a six-figure net worth and tripled my salary since starting work almost a decade earlier. At one point, I was regularly saving more than 70% – sometimes as much as 80% – of my after-tax income.

I’ve always been a big saver – which already sets me apart from most of the UK population. But in my late twenties, after several years of coming to terms with the realities of the world of work, I had something of an epiphany and joined the small but growing community of extreme savers looking to accumulate enough wealth in order to retire significantly earlier than the majority of the population.

I’ve run the first few miles of the Millionaire Marathon solo, but there’s still a long way to go. That’s where you guys come in…

I want to share my journey with you. Hopefully we can provide a little encouragement to one another along the way.